‘Bill &Ted 3’ announces start of filming with a Wyld Behind-the-Scenes image. Get it?!

bill and ted 3 behind the scenes image

Most excellent, my dudes. Bill & Ted Face the Music has started filming, and announced such with a behind the scenes image.

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‘Bill and Ted 3’ casts ‘Barry’ co-star Anthony Carrigan as its villain. Hell yes.

bill and ted 3 anthony carrigan

In absolute fucking perfect casting newsBill & Ted Face the Music has added Anthony Carrigan as its villain. If you’re not familiar with the actor? It’s because you’re a scrub ass who doesn’t watch Barry, where he rules. Up your fucking game. Figure it out.

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‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ is filming this summer and dropping August 2020. Most excellent, my dudes!

bill and ted 3 filming 2020

Jesus, this is really happening? I’m most stoked, but also most cautious.

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‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ is officially in production which is the most righteous news of the day

bill and ted 3 in production

I just recently saw the Bill and Ted movies for the first time, and well. It was not unlike being introduced to a religion that really fucking speaks to you in the middle of a midlife crisis. So, I’m goddamn stoked for this third movie. Stoked!

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‘Bill and Ted Face The Music’ is the ‘Bill and Ted 3’ official title. Most gnarly~

bill and ted 3 bill and ted face the music

I’m here for Bill and Ted 3, my dudes. Especially given my particular love for Keanu Reeves as of late, piggybacking off of my obsession with the John Wick movies. Worst case scenario? The movie sucks. Who cares at this point? Best case? More Bill and Ted awesomeness.

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