Benjamin Santiago’s riff on “Homemade Spider-Man outfit” is tingle-inducing. Like, you know. Like a spider-sense.

Watch: “Game of Cubes” is Nintendo, hallucinatory madness by Benjamin Santiago

Watch: REJECTED ‘GAME OF THRONES’ characters by Benjamin Santiago

ben are you even serious

Friend of the site (and nauseatingly talented dude) Benjamin Santiago has dropped another gem. His latest magnum-madness opus is Rejected Game of Thrones characters, and he has me sold at “his sigil a black fiery drumstick.”

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“LIFE IS JUST A BUNCH OF STUFF, MAN” by Benjamin Santiago = Huzzah.

Life is a bunch of stuff.

OL’s Resident Artist Friend and Beautiful Bastard, Benjamin Santiago, hung this glorious madness on his Tumblr. I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass it along. And while you’re at it, check out his art blog, youtube, and vimeo.

WATCH: Benjamin Santiago’s new piece, SWOON. Trippy Boobies Time.


As evidenced by prior contributions (exhibit a, b, and c), Benjamin Santiago ain’t just a friend of the site. That son of a bitch is also a nauseatingly talented artist. The GoodSir has dropped a video of his latest piece titled SWOON. It was performed at the Ferro Strouse Gallery as part of Bustin’ Out.

Hit the jump to check Benjamin’s latest jam.

That talented bastard.

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‘FANTOMA’ TEASER TRAILER: Ben, Joseph, and Ghosts. Yes.


Came across this hot toddy today in my email from none other than Mr. Benjamin Santiago. It is a trailer for his upcoming webseries about ghosts. I’m significantly stoked. Pi-Day! Be there.

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How to Talk Like (Tom Hardy’s) Bane!

In exactly twenty-four hours, I will have begun the odyssey that is The Dark Knight Rises. So what am I going to do for the next twenty-three hours? Well, I’m going employ time-honored geek pastimes – readin’ my favorite Batman tales, talkin’ speculative nonsense with my chums, and drinkin’ Diet Mountain Dew until the point of blindness.

But thanks to Benjamin Santiago, frequent OL passenger and all-around rad dude, I’ll be able to spend the day talkin’ like BANE! Hit the hyperspace jump to watch Mr. Santiago’s tutorial!

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[Interview] Benjamin Santiago – OL `XCLUSIVE!

Every now and then a human being is born unto the Earth who has ability beyond the natural. Wielding these transcendent powers, this individual has the ability to do that which most cannot even fathom. Good? Evil? Artist? Warrior? All that’s known for sure when one of these folks drops in is that things are going to change.

I was afforded the distinct pleasure of interviewing Benjamin Santiago, an artist doing the dirty work for those of us who were raised on Super Nintendo and science fiction. This is the dude behind a wonder-trove of visual delights, FANTOMA.ORG, and a slew of ill videos.

Hit the jump and check out this feature with Benjamin Santiago. Not only did he answer all of my wacky questions, but he also made an OL EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

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