‘Star Wars’ Swoon: Rey and BB-8 get animated sprite artwork from Dominick John

Mash-Up: ‘Force Awakens’ Cast x that ‘Zoolander’ Scene

‘The Force Awakens’ LEGO Commercial: Hear BB-8 speak

Hey! Do you love LEGO? Do you love The Force Awakens? Do you want to hear what BB-8 sounds like? Yes? Yes? Yes? Holy Tits!, this is the perfect commercial for you.

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New ‘The Force Awakens’ Images: BB-8 rollin’, Finn a lonely man, and much pew pew


Some new images from Empire magazine. Featurin’ everyone’s new favorite droid, and a couple images of Finn.

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‘The Force Awakens’ gets ‘Vanity Fair’ cover.


With Age of Ultron now passed us, it’s straight-up onto Caff-Pow’s Overbearing Force Awakens coverage here at OL.

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