‘The Force Awakens’ LEGO Commercial: Hear BB-8 speak

Hey! Do you love LEGO? Do you love The Force Awakens? Do you want to hear what BB-8 sounds like? Yes? Yes? Yes? Holy Tits!, this is the perfect commercial for you.


Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens isn’t out until December 18th, some fans have already decided that their new favorite character is the adorable little ball droid known as BB-8. The character debuted in the first teaser for the film, rolling across a desert service, its little motor whirring as it moved as quick as it could. However, we’ve yet to here what the little droid actually sounds like.

A new commercial for Star Wars LEGO sets for The Force Awakens features some quick animation specifically one part with the little droid running from Kylo Ren and some First Order Stormtroopers where we get to hear what BB-8 sounds like for the first time. Check it out below!

Now you might be thinking to yourself that we’ve heard BB-8 in both the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens and also in his stage appearance from Star Wars Celebration. However, the slight beeping from the teaser and the sounds that were made on stage by the little ball droid were just temporary. We’ve heard that the final sounds for BB-8 were only recently determined, and this LEGO commercial gives us our first official piece of sound from the droid.

As you hear in the commercial (via StarWars7News.com), the droid has much more of a whistle sound than the usual beeps and hums that we’ve heard from astromech droids like R2-D2 before. And if you compare the sounds in the commercial to those made during the Celebration appearance earlier this year, there’s a distinct difference. The droid sounds super adorable, and I cant wait to hear how he interacts and shows emotion and expresses himself like R2-D2.