Rumor: Matt Reeves’s ‘The Batman’ is based on classic ‘Year One’ story. I’m fucking here for this, dudes

matt reeves the batman year one story

No, seriously. Someday, Matt Reeves is seriously going to begin rolling cameras on The Batman. And, if you believe the rumors, it’ll be based on the classic Year One storyline. I can fuck with this.

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‘Batman: Year One’ Aritst: Don’t Buy The New DC Reprint. Douches

David Mazzucchelli is the artist behind the seminal Batman: Year One, and he has a message for you. Don’t fucking buy the latest DC reprint. He’s got his reasons, and I respect the dude. I mean, c’mon. He’s David fucking  Mazzucchelli.

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Comic Book Fans Pissed About Batman Reboot. Back In 1987.

Us comic book fans. We kvetch. We did a lot of it regarding the DC ‘New 52’, and we’re following in grand footsteps. Apparently there were people pissed about the Batman reboot. Back in 1987, over Batman: Year One, a story now considered one of the defining tales in the Bat-Man Mythos.

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