‘Batman: Year One’ Aritst: Don’t Buy The New DC Reprint. Douches

David Mazzucchelli is the artist behind the seminal Batman: Year One, and he has a message for you. Don’t fucking buy the latest DC reprint. He’s got his reasons, and I respect the dude. I mean, c’mon. He’s David fucking  Mazzucchelli.

Comics Alliance:

Upon inspecting an advance copy of the new edition of  Batman: Year One, artist  David Mazzuchelli  told  The Comics Journal’s  Dan Nadel that the forthcoming reprint doesn’t exactly do justice to the seminal work he created with Frank Miller and Richmond Lewis in 1987. Indeed, citing poor reproduction values and other formatting issues, the Eisner-winning artist said he actually hopes his fans don’t buy it and advises those who may have pre-ordered the book to demand a refund.
DC just sent me this book last week, and I really hope people don’t buy it. I didn’t even know they were making it, and I don’t understand why they thought it was necessary – several years ago, DC asked me if I’d help put together a deluxe edition ofBatman: Year One, and Dale Crain and I worked for months to try to make a definitive version. Now whoever’s in charge has thrown all that work in the garbage. First, they redesigned the cover, and recolored my artwork – probably to look more like  their little DVD  that came out last year; second, they printed the book on shiny paper, which was never a part of the original design, all the way back to the first hardcover in 1988; third – and worst – they printed the color from corrupted, out-of-focus digital files, completely obscuring all of Richmond’s hand-painted work. Anybody who’s already paid for this should send it back to DC and demand a refund.

Fuck em!