‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Animated Trailer: Bruce Timm Goes Rated R

‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Teaser Trailer: He’s Insane

‘‘The Killing Joke’ animated adaptation approved to be first R-Rated ‘Batman’

The Killing Joke is raw, yo. Some would say needlessly so. But it’s been known for a bit that an animated adaptation was coming, and you weren’t alone if you wondered how the frak such an adaptation could be pulled off. You know, given the content. Well, now we know. While the adaptation isn’t guaranteed to be Rated-R, the Powers That Be have given the approval for a potential R-Rating. Like, should it come to that.

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Nebraska library refuses to PULL ‘BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE.’ Hell yeah.

The Killing Joke.

Yeah library in Nebraska, there you go! Said library has refused to pull Batman: The Killing Joke from its shelves, after a complaint was lodged against the comic book’s content.

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