‘‘The Killing Joke’ animated adaptation approved to be first R-Rated ‘Batman’

The Killing Joke is raw, yo. Some would say needlessly so. But it’s been known for a bit that an animated adaptation was coming, and you weren’t alone if you wondered how the frak such an adaptation could be pulled off. You know, given the content. Well, now we know. While the adaptation isn’t guaranteed to be Rated-R, the Powers That Be have given the approval for a potential R-Rating. Like, should it come to that.


So as was revealed back during San Diego Comic Con, Batman: The Killing Joke is making its way to the animated world of the DC Universe. Better yet, the most iconic Joker performer of all time, Mark Hamill, will return to voice the character. It’s an exciting project, and one that’s fairly controversial given the story’s subject matter.

Now it’s likely going to get a bit more controversial because The Killing Joke has been approved for an R-rating, meaning all of the Joker’s torturous acts can move forward on screen without concern for censorship, if producer James Tucker and the creative wants to go that route.