Rumor: Warner Bros. considering Armie Hammer for BATMAN in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ flick. Aiight.

You can almost feel the balls tightening and the labia clenching over at Warner Bros. While Avengers is raking in the glorious money stacks, their only viable comic book franchise just lost its director and lead. Not only that, but the mind behind the Marvel Movie Universe is the dude they nixed from helming a Wonder Woman flick. Alas. So WB is on their grind with the Justice League flick, hoping to ride some of the superteam zeitgeist. As they go to cast the son of a bitch, a familiar name is popping up in consideration for the Bruce Wayne Man.

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Rumor: New Batman is totally appearing in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ movie before own film. Oh boy.

Woe be to the guy or gal who has to reboot Batman after Christ Nolan just rocked it out of the park for the past seven years. The latest rumor is that the rebooted Batman won’t make an appearance in his own flick until after the Justice League movie.

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WB To Reboot Batman After ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ Also JLA Movie For 2013.

We all know it’s coming. It is the dark, depressing underbelly of Christopher Nolan finishing off his bonerfying Batman trilogy. We all know that the moment he wraps on the son of a bitch, and the moment we gaze upon its guaranteed (GUARANTEED) resplendent glory, we’ve seen the last of the Nolanverse’s take on Bruce Wayne.

This week in the LA Times, the new WB Guru Leader Hivemind commented on this inevitable change.

Batman will be reinvented, but!, with Nolan producing.

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