Butcher Billy goes full NOLAN x BURTON on the ‘BATMAN’ movies.

Froggy fresh.

It is safe to just crown Butcher Billy as the hotness in the community at the moment. What community? Shoot, every community? Hot off of inserting classic Marvel art into the company’s movies comes this newest effort. The Nolan and Burton mash-up we don’t deserve. The one we need.

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Michael Keaton wanted his third BATMAN flick to be like ‘BATMAN BEGINS.’

I can’t really enjoy any pre-NolanĀ Batman flick outside of the original Keaton ditty. Not anymore. Alas. Here is a bit of trivia though, since trivia is fun. Knowing it makes you feel big and strong. And virile. Or fertile. Yeah. Yeah! So here we go. Micheal Keaton wanted his third Bat-Movie to be an origin story.

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‘THE DARK KNIGHT RISES’: What do you honestly f**king expect?

The Dark Knight RisesĀ drops tomorrow at midnight, amid an avalanche of geek hype. It’s the sequel to the best superhero movie ever made, a movie that featured a once in a generation performance by Heath Ledger. With that in mind, the movie enters into our pop culture psyche facing unfathomably unrealistic expectations. Insurmountable standards.

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