Variant Covers: Hulk Smash Puny Pencilers.

In the dismal dusk that accompanies every earlier falling light comes the opportunity to snuggle up with a comic book. Pull the blankets over yourself, dust the Chez-It crumbs off your chest and get your funnies on. As the Earth tilts slightly, ever so slightly, the temperature here on the Eastern seaboard dips. Not even climate change can prevent that. With the dip and the tilt comes the desire to over-analyze panels of Iron Man’s remarkably phallic repulsor rays rocketing off Thor’s  chiseled  chest. By myself. With you. Don’t matter.

Variant Covers. My pull-list for the week.

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Batman 3 Casting Confirmations: Hardy As Bane, Hathaway As Catwoman.

These are the casting confirmations that you’re looking for. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, will Anne Hathaway will be playing Catwoman. No Dr. Hugo Strange, and I’m still holding out hope for Talia al Ghul.

Hit the jump for the official press release.

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Major Female Role In Batman 3 Revealed! Plus Shortlist of Actresses.

I’m goddamn tired of all the Batman 3/The Dark Knight Rises/Bruce Wayne Runs Like Hell rumors. Can we get some concrete fucking casting news? No? We have to rummage through rumors like pigs through shit? Okay, okay. Better than nothing.

Importantly, tonight we may have confirmation of the character of my wet dreams, Talia Al Ghul. Raise the roof!

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Speaking of Chris Nolan: BABY INCEPTION!

While everyone is busy sweating Batman rumors, I’ll watch Baby Inception on repeat. You can’t script the amazing pay-off at the end.

Holy Bat Boner! Thomas Hardy Cast In Nolan’s Third Batman Flick

My favorite part of Inception was Thomas Hardy, and his role as Eames. So the fact that it was announced today that he was cast in Nolan’s third Batman movie has me doing an impressive array of karate kicks and fist-pumps. Holy Bat boner indeed. No word on who he is going to play, but as io9 points out, it’s pretty obvious: the dude has to play a villain. The Killer Croc that’s been speculated? Who the fuck knows. But whatever character he plays will ooze the undeniable awesomeness that the dude brings to the screen.

Here’s hoping that his casting doesn’t rule out my wet dream of seeing JGL as the Riddler. Let’s get the two of them back on screen together like wut.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt As the Villain In Batman 3? Wut? Maybe? Wut!!!

The Riddler?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one hell of an actor. 500 Days of Summer? Word. Brick? Double word. GI Joe? TRIPLE.FUCKING.WORD. And this summer he’s in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. But is the dude in Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3? It just might fucking be!

via slashfilm:

First up, Mr. Gordon-Levitt. This comes from Deadline and Movieline sister gossip site Hollywood Life, which claims that JGL has been tapped to play the Riddler in Batman 3. There’s no substantiation to this, and since we don’t even know if the script is finished (fairly certain it is not) it seems too early to call. But JGL is in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which makes it a lot easier to believe than almost every other Batman 3 rumor we’ve heard;   supposedly the rumor originated in a joke or comment made on the Inception set. And it certainly seems like a good idea.

For what it’s worth, however, JGL’s reps have already denied this, according to The Wrap. So leave it alone for now and wait for the script to be delivered

So it’s already been denied, but fuck, what does that really mean? At the very least it’s intriguing, and gets my pants in a twist. I’d be on board. Quadruple word!