Joseph Gordon-Levitt As the Villain In Batman 3? Wut? Maybe? Wut!!!

The Riddler?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one hell of an actor. 500 Days of Summer? Word. Brick? Double word. GI Joe? TRIPLE.FUCKING.WORD. And this summer he’s in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. But is the dude in Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3? It just might fucking be!

via slashfilm:

First up, Mr. Gordon-Levitt. This comes from Deadline and Movieline sister gossip site Hollywood Life, which claims that JGL has been tapped to play the Riddler in Batman 3. There’s no substantiation to this, and since we don’t even know if the script is finished (fairly certain it is not) it seems too early to call. But JGL is in Christopher Nolan’s Inception, which makes it a lot easier to believe than almost every other Batman 3 rumor we’ve heard;   supposedly the rumor originated in a joke or comment made on the Inception set. And it certainly seems like a good idea.

For what it’s worth, however, JGL’s reps have already denied this, according to The Wrap. So leave it alone for now and wait for the script to be delivered

So it’s already been denied, but fuck, what does that really mean? At the very least it’s intriguing, and gets my pants in a twist. I’d be on board. Quadruple word!