‘X-Files’ creator Chris Carter developing AREA 51 show for AMC.

Chris Carter.

How long after a creator’s pinnacle moment is it fair to still get excited about them? Or is it prudent? The adolescent fanboy in me is really excited that Chris Carter is doing a show based on Area 51. But then I count the years since I’ve given a fuck about anything he’s done and realize I should probably not get too excited.

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Shaking hands and shit.

Da-durr! Isn’t this exciting. The United States government has confirmed the existence of Area 51. No whoop! Like, we totally knew that already though. Didn’t we? Shit, they already go into that place in that one documentary. The one with the fighter pilot and the quirky scientist? Independent Days or whatever. I mean — c’mon United States government. At least pay attention to your own culture.

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Area 51: Not Aliens, Just Super Spyplane Experiments.

National Geographic is trying to blow the asshole open on Area 51 by big pimpin’ some declassified documents, as well as some sexy pictures of the A-12 spyplane. Pretty righteous, but you can’t trick me.

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