Area 51: Not Aliens, Just Super Spyplane Experiments.

National Geographic is trying to blow the asshole open on Area 51 by big pimpin’ some declassified documents, as well as some sexy pictures of the A-12 spyplane. Pretty righteous, but you can’t trick me.

National Geographic:

Area 51 was created so that U.S. Cold Warriors with the highest security clearances could pursue cutting-edge aeronautical projects away from prying eyes. During the 1950s and ’60s Area 51’s top-secret OXCART program developed the A-12 as the successor to the U-2 spy plane.

Nearly undetectable to radar, the A-12 could fly at 2,200 miles an hour (3,540 kilometers an hour)–fast enough to cross the continental U.S. in 70 minutes. From 90,000 feet (27,400 meters), the plane’s cameras could capture foot-long (0.3-meter-long) objects on the ground below.

But pushing the limits came with risks–and a catastrophic 1963 crash of an A-12 based out of Area 51.

A rapid government cover-up removed nearly all public traces of the wrecked A-12–pictured publicly for the first time in this gallery, thanks to the CIA’s recent declassification of the images.

Interesting, but you can’t trick me. Clearly this is a cover-up of a cover-up! At the very least, we all know where the technology for the A-12 came from. Aliens. Or Communists. Alien Communists. I’ve seen the X-Files, you can’t fucking trick me.