PlayStation boss Andrew House leaving Sony after over 25 years

playstation boss andrew house steps down

Andrew House has been around Sony for a long, long goddamn time. Done all sorts of shit, all sorts of shit for the company *waves arms around vaguely*, you know! Most recently, House has overseen PlayStation’s resurgence this generation.

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Sony CEO says the PS4’s first-party line-up “sparse”, actually means “sad af”

Andrew House.

You know that a console’s first-party line-up is sad as fuck when the CEO of the company is actually addressing it. Sony Czar Andrew House has described his system’s first-party non-game line-up as “sparse”, and followed it up by rattling off a bunch of bullshit. Bullshit that Day One adopters like myself probably don’t give a fuck about. Because we bought the system for games.

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Sony has announced PlayStation Now, which will allow you to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games to all sorts of fucking devices. Tablets and your PS4, your Television, pretty much insanity.

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