Amazon Prime offering 20% off of new game releases

fuck yes

Man, this is great goddamn news for me. I rock Amazon Prime for everything, from KY Jelly to socks. From books I’ll never read to video games. To its streaming service! So I’m already all-in on Prime. But I’m still fucking stoked that Amazon is continuing to sweeten the pot. The company is offering 20 futzing percent off of new games, and as someone who *always* buys them through their service, and buys way too many games, this is tremendous.

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Amazon Prime now allows for offline playback; dope is dope


Pretty dope development coming out of Camp Amazon. The company’s Prime service is allowing users now to download television shows and movies on its Amazon Video app. That means them long-ass flights will be more bearable through media-based buoying. No wireless connection? No problem. Shitty wireless connection? Don’t even fuck with it.

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ComiXology will begin offering ‘All You Can Eat’ subscription plan, ala Spotify, Netflix


ComiXology is getting into the “pay a flat fee, eat all the sequential art” game. That said — I’m sure this plan is going to come with all sort of caveats. Like, no new releases, only select publishers, yadda, yadda. Still though, an interesting turn for the digi-comics market. Would you sign up for this bad boy?

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HBO shows going to AMAZON PRIME. ‘Cept like no ‘THRONES’, man.

hbo go and shit

Great news, Amazon Prime customers! (Hi!). Well, except for those Amazon Prime customers who have HBO (Hi!). The Prime Service has signed a deal with the Home Box Office to bring a litany of shows to their streaming service. The only caveat? Some select fucking shows aren’t offered. Like you know. Thrones. And True Detective. #SMH as they say.

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amazon studios

Amazon continues to attempt to bring original content to their streaming service that comes with Amazon Prime. Ya’ll know they’re staring at Netflix’s success and just self-flaggelating in a puddle of their own existence. Their newest attempt features a pilot from my boy Chris Carter.

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