Amazon Prime now allows for offline playback; dope is dope


Pretty dope development coming out of Camp Amazon. The company’s Prime service is allowing users now to download television shows and movies on its Amazon Video app. That means them long-ass flights will be more bearable through media-based buoying. No wireless connection? No problem. Shitty wireless connection? Don’t even fuck with it.


For the first time on any subscription video service, Amazon Prime subscribers will now be able to download movies and TV shows from the company’s huge catalog. Roll over Netflix.

The new service is a huge deal. It means precisely what it sounds like: If you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ll be able to download that whole season of Transparent (or whatever) before your flight, and bask in hours upon hours of entertainment without an internet connection. All you’ll need is the company’s newly refreshed (and rebranded) Amazon Video app for iOS and Android.

OK, Amazon, you win. Congratulations. We just got done complaining about a minor service reduction in in Prime services, and then you give us the holy grail. No other subscriptions service has been able to offer offline playback because the licensing and legal is just too complicated. Remember, this is just an add on to your existing $100 per year Prime account, which also comes with music, photo storage, free two-day shipping and way more. But leave it to old Amazon, the crappiest place to work, and the best deal in technology.