Amazon Prime offering 20% off of new game releases

fuck yes

Man, this is great goddamn news for me. I rock Amazon Prime for everything, from KY Jelly to socks. From books I’ll never read to video games. To its streaming service! So I’m already all-in on Prime. But I’m still fucking stoked that Amazon is continuing to sweeten the pot. The company is offering 20 futzing percent off of new games, and as someone who *always* buys them through their service, and buys way too many games, this is tremendous.

The Verge:

Amazon is making it cheaper for Prime members to play the latest video games. As part of a new benefit of Amazon Prime, the company is offering those with a subscription a 20 percent discount on new game releases. The deal covers any physical game (i.e. no digital downloads) and is available from the time the game is available to preorder through two weeks after it launches. The deal doesn’t cover games that are already discounted more than 20 percent, or those bundled with a console, and Amazon notes that the savings are applied automatically at checkout — so you might not see the discount initially. The program is similar to Best Buy’s gamers club, which also offers 20 percent savings on new releases, though of course Amazon Prime offers a lot more than just deals on video games.