Watch/Listen: Kylo Ren covers Rey’s theme from ‘The Force Awakens’ on the violin

I’m all about this.

The Mary Sue:

In a stunning display of lack of self-care or preservation, I’ve decided that I’m going to listen to this beautiful cover of “Rey’s Theme” from The Force Awakensforever and always. Created by, the video shows the mixing and production of one person’s interpretation of this gorgeous song. It captures the mixing process well, taking advantage of the rising complexity already inherent within Rey’s Theme to show how a song grows from just one note.

That’s what’s so captivating about the theme, I think. It starts with a curious single note and grows into something so much greater—just like the character it’s supposed to evoke. John Williams really is a major genius, and what he’s created is itself stunning. So I think it says something when someone can cover the song (using only violins!) to capture the same emotions and feelings.

Cheers, 24violins. You seriously nailed it. Bravo.