Leaked: Full Marvel NOW! 2.0 Line-Up, including Promo Art


I’m, I’m pretty much done with superhero comic books. I say pretty much because if anything comes out of the box and is generally regarded as “must read” by folks I respect, I’m going to buy it. Ain’t gonna cut my fanboy nose to spite my fat fanboy face. But as far as the monthly procurement policy? Passing. This isn’t a moral stand, or even a condemnation of the titles, just a general apathy from me. This is a long way of saying that I’m not really feeling the Marvel NOW! 2.0 line-up in either way, but I hope it fucking rocks, and gets me to buy me some superhero funny books.

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All-New Something Invading People.

What do you do when you don’t own the movie rights to half of your properties? If you’re Marvel, you begin pushing other, lesser kown titles. Not a knock against these new titles, but yeah. What do you do when need to perpetually hype your company? You fall into ruinous marketing stupidity like taking a dumb name “Marvel NOW”, making it more dumb “All-New Marvel NOW”, then generally fuck with numbering.

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