‘GLOW’ creators bringing new anthology series to Apple TV+ starring Alison Brie, Cynthia Erivo, and Nicole Kidman!

glow creators apple tv alison brie

Them GLOW creators aren’t staying on the mat (heh) for too long! No, indeed they’re not! They’ve got a new series in the works at Apple TV+, and the former show’s star Alison Brie will be joining them.

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Alison Brie shares ‘GLOW’ season 2 set photo. It is a welcome neon light in these dark times

alison brie glow season 2 set photo

GLOW may be my damn favorite piece of 2017 pop culture. It had everything, my friends. Took place in the 1980s, centered on wrestling, starred Alison Brie, and was packed with insight and pathos. Now the gang seems to be back together, on that filming the second season grind.

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‘GLOW’ Trailer: Brie, Maron, and the Ladies of Wrestling

Netflix dropped its first trailer for GLOW, a series centered around a women-only wrestling league formed in the 1980s. Me? I’m in. It’s got Brie, wrestling, humor, and it’s set in the 1980s.

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Marc Maron joins Alison Brie in Netflix’s ‘Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling’

marc maron

I used to be big into Marc Maron. Deep into Marc Maron. Then I sort of petered out. A bit too neurotic for me, I foundmyself not really caring about a particular string of guests, then my ADD got the best of me, and *poof* — a former fascination had left me. That said. That said! I do dig that he’s joining Alison Brie in the next show from the creator of Orange Is The New Black.

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Alison Brie joins female-wrestling series from ‘Orange is the New Black’ creator

Alison Brie

Alison Brie. Yes! Wrestling. Yes! Orange is the New Black creator. Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER” testing five females for lead. Plus! Black Widow.

I know this news article should be about how the people behind Captain America: Unthaw Bucky and Let Him Fuck Stuff Up are coming close to casting the female lead. I know it. On an intellectual level. But all I want to do is talk about how excited I am that I’m going to get to rub at my jeans while Black Widow prances across the screen during the flick. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m not.

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‘Community’ Returns March 15. Praise Be! Holla! Et Cetera.

Thanks to our own beloved commenter Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this to my attention. Community  is going to be returning to the NBC hood March 15. So soon. So glorious.

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