The Head of NASA believes in aliens. This makes sense because they’re real.

nasa head believes in aliens

The preponderance of evidence as of late that there are somethings in our sky that we can’t explain is undeniable. So, it only makes sense that the fucking head of NASA would believe in aliens. That said, I’m stoked that he’s saying such out loud.

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Pentagon Confirms Footage of UFOs Flying Around Navy Ships Is Real. Bruh! Holy shit.

pentagon confirms ufo footage ships is real

We live in outrageous times for fucking UFO news. Like, the Pentagon has confirmed footage of UFOs flying around Navy ships is real. Is fucking real! Now, okay. They’re probably not actual aliens (I mean, I think they are) — but the government acknowledging they don’t know what they are? Fucking sick.

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New York Times has dropped another story about how aliens are real. This timeline is wild, my friends.

new york times pentagon aliens

The New York Times has dropped yet another story about how aliens are real, dudes. Like, just throwing it out there. Stories about “off-world vehicles” and shit like it’s no big deal. Tremendous.

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‘Alien: Covenant’ Adds James Franco To Its (Bursting?) Cast

alien covenant james franco

James Franco has officially been added to the cast of Alien: Covenant. I’m a fan of Franco (for the most part) and the Alien franchise (for the most part)!

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Astronomers find radio signal so strong that it *may* be from aliens


Like, we all know this isn’t going to turn out to be aliens, right? And even if it were aliens, there’s no way the Trilateral Commission and Anti-Disclosure Bastards would let us know the signal was real, right? Let’s get excited anyways, though. For now.

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Yuri Milner spending $100 Million to look for Aliens


I don’t know who Yuri Milner is, but he’s a fucking sucker. We all know that Aliens are Real. We also all know that The Illuminati-Bilderberg-Globalist Agenda will never allow for Disclosure. But good luck spending that money, Comrade.

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James Horner, composer of ‘Aliens’, ‘Braveheart’ and other movies, has passed away

James Horner.

You know James Horner. Even if you don’t *know* him by name, you know his music. And now the legendary composer has passed away, after a fatal plane crash.

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Well! Blomkamp’s Alien movie = direct sequel to ‘Aliens’


Neilllllll Blomkamp’s Alien movie gets more and more interesting. From pitch, to wet dream, to reality, to direct sequel to Aliens? Aiight.

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ALIENS WILL GIVE US TECHNOLOGY if we quit wars, says Former Canadian Defense Minister.

This guy.

…We just need to quit wars. I mean, makes sense to me. Who the fuck knows what we’d do in the ways of weaponization the moment our Alien Overlords gave us infinite-energy crystals and sustainable thrust engines. Right? This Former Canadian Defense Minister is only spitting unvarnished truth.

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Opinions Vary: Trolling Aliens

Outer Space.

Although it is oftentimes bogged down by its own insular squabbling on this planet, humankind has a fascinating propensity to be open-minded about the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere. The unbelievable vastness of the universe coupled with the strangeness of our potentially singular existence within it seems to make many hesitant to commit to the conviction that we are alone. Rather, it’s more understandable to long for others to be with us. After all, if there’s a whole lot of life here, then surely it can conceivably happen somewhere else. And while some believe that here and elsewhere have already mixed and intelligent life forms have visited from afar to our pale blue dot, most supporters hold that there’s a better chance that aliens exist just outside our celestial periphery and will continue to do so until a future time when, with the assistance of technological and even social advancements, we might at last meet. But even without the realistic prospects of such a superior tomorrow in our sight, there remains a genuine willingness to take the necessary steps to get there, to reach out in the hope that we can commence a cosmic dialogue with anyone or anything that might be receptive to a human how-do-you-do.

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