‘Black Mirror’ News: Joe Wright directing an episode starring Bryce Dallas Howard & Alice Eve

Black Mirror.

Black Mirror: so fucking good. Black Mirror: getting new episodes, courtesy of Netflix. Black Mirror: Joe Wright is directing an episode starring two major actresses. Black Mirror: so fucking good.

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‘STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS’ Super Bowl Trailer: Erf is totally ruined, and that is awesome.


Hey. This trailer was posted last night during Ray Lewis’ Sermon or whatever. It’s pretty neat. Let’s talk about it.

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New ‘STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS’ images prove even jails are sexy in space.

I want to live in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek universe. Motherfucking everything is gorgeous! Even the jail that holds Benjamin Slumberdick or whatever is fucking pristine. It has got that Apple Store sheen. Fuck yeah, sign me up. Especially if you can get me a stall next to Alice Eve. Oh baby! Hit the jump for the images, as well as some words from Slumberdick and Eve about the pressures of being in the flick.

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