‘Supergirl’ gets second season on CW; ‘Agent Carter’ cancelled


One fan fave gets renewed, one fan fave gets axed. I don’t have a particular allegiance to either, though I really wanted to watch Agent Carter and I feel 100% responsible for its demise. Regarding Supergirl, I’m not really interested. However, I support it on principal, seeing that it is a DC property that doesn’t brood and gloom its way through existence.

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Probably: ‘Agent Carter’ getting a Third Season

‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Trailer: Peggy Goes Hollywood, Continues Kicking Ass

Ken Marino cast in ‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 as a villain


Ken Marino? In the second season of Agent Carter? I can get behind this!

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‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Poster: Peggy and the Bright Lights

Agent Carter season 2.

I…I need to finish the first season of Agent Carter. I certainly enjoyed what I saw of it, and I think it only stalled because at the time my wife and I were in the middle of a Fast & Furious franchise binge session. Which, I know, is a heretical and completely unacceptable reason to some (but not us).

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Cosplay: Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers are the power couple we deserve

Hayley Atwell wants to play The Doctor on ‘Doctor Who’

peggy carter

Hayley Atwell playing the Doctor on Doctor Who would get me to watch the show. I don’t hold my breath though, ’cause Steven Moffat has pretty much said the Immortal TimeLordBeingGuy can only me a male. Which uh, reminds me. Buy this shirt? Thanks!

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‘Agent Carter’ Season 2’s villain is Madame Masque

agent carter

Peggy Carter got herself a new nemesis in her second season. That nemesis being none other than Madame Masque. I’m not familiar with the character outside of her presence in Fraction’s Hawkguy run. But that don’t mean I ain’t stoked!

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‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Poster: Carter and Jarvin Go To Hollywood

Like Way gorgeouz

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

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‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ S2 Midseason Trailer – Oh, The Inhumanity!

Agents of SHIELDZ is coming back soon, which means that they’ve dropped a new trailer for it. #MIDSEASONRETURNTRAILERS are now a thing. Get hyped!

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