Hayley Atwell wants to play The Doctor on ‘Doctor Who’

peggy carter

Hayley Atwell playing the Doctor on Doctor Who would get me to watch the show. I don’t hold my breath though, ’cause Steven Moffat has pretty much said the Immortal TimeLordBeingGuy can only me a male. Which uh, reminds me. Buy this shirt? Thanks!


In a casual Twitter Q&A session, Agent Carter actress Hayley Atwell was asked if she might want to make a guest appearance on Doctor Who. Her answer was no… only because she wants to BE the Doctor. So. Who do I have to kidnap and hold against their will to make this happen?

This is a good idea for several reasons. 1) The Doctor Who series has received a lot of flack for never casting anyone other than a white dude for the role, despite the fact that as a Time Lord, the Doctor can regenerate into theoretically any body. 2) Hayley Atwell is an excellent actress with noted nerd cred, starring as the titular Agent Carter in the Marvel TV series. Frankly, the personality of Peggy Carter—smart, tough, feminine, awesome—could be transposed as the Twelfth incarnation of the Doctor almost wholesale. 3) Having announced that she wants to be the Doctor, I will hunt down and destroy all those who stand in the way of this brilliant self-casting. I will take no joy in it, but I will do it, because this is just too perfect not to happen. Our lives mean nothing compared to the possibility of seeing Hayley Atwell walk out of the TARDIS with Agent Carter’s look of steely determination on her face.