Hayley Atwell wants to play The Doctor on ‘Doctor Who’

peggy carter

Hayley Atwell playing the Doctor on Doctor Who would get me to watch the show. I don’t hold my breath though, ’cause Steven Moffat has pretty much said the Immortal TimeLordBeingGuy can only me a male. Which uh, reminds me. Buy this shirt? Thanks!

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OMEGA-CAST #5: Man, We Ain’t Got Nerd Cred!

The fifth OMEGA-CAST is in! During this transmission, the crew covers a shit load of disparate topics. There’s a final Boston Comic Con wrap-up. Caff-Pow brings up the idea that maybe the Crew OL isn’t esoteric enough for old school geeks. We also discuss Steven Moffat’s douchiness. How about some Wolverine talk? Finally we delve into the first mail bag, wherein Caff decides his jaeger’s name involves handjobs. Obviously.

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‘DOCTOR WHO’ gets Peter Capaldi as its TWELFTH DOCTOR. What say you?

Peter Something-Guy.

Leave it to the inconsiderate people at BBC-Whatever to not respect the plans of a fledgling and barely read blog. Didn’t they know we had Boston Comic Con today? Clearly they didn’t, since they announced who the twelfth doctor was going to be. Right smack dab in the middle of our goddamn con. Eh. Anyways. How do you folks feel about the announcement?

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