Watch: ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ trailer done as a dope-ass anime

As the title states! Check out this dope-ass anime trailer for Star Wars: A New Hope.

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Original ‘Star Wars’ Soundtrack getting gorgeous Vinyl Reissue

star wars vinyl!

File this one under what *really* should be a category around here, given the frequency with which I reference it: reasons Ian should have a record player.

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‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Teaser Trailer Teaser: Full Trailer Dropping Tomorrow

A teaser trailer’s teaser! Fuck! Yeah! Fuck yeah! More Star Wars goodness dropping tomorrow, keeping my perpetually erect fanboy-boner a nice hue of purple. Marvel and Lucasfilm just double teaming uh, that thing? Something?

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Star Wars Blooper Reel

…Cause when you’re tired of laughing through tears about midi-chlorians, there is nothing better than seeing some genuine laughs from the cast of The Trilogy.

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Opinions Vary: Summer Movies Should Be More Than Fleeting Entertainment

Binary Sunset.

[Caff note: Pacific Rim spoilers in here.]

I. Preamble

One of the neat things about such a small, tight-knit community is that narratives can begin to grasp hold. Throughout this very summer, the lot of us have discussed the latest crop of Whiz-Bang Hollywood Fecaltainment. As the movies have arrived, we have all received them in a variety of manners.

More than anything, I think I could be typified as generally disappointed by this latest crop. As movie after movie has been released I have been somewhat entertained. But for the most part, I have found them to be ephemeral, forgettable piles of crap.

Butting heads with even my own brother who (whom?) I typically see eye-to-eye with, I began to ask myself why I’ve been so disappointed. I figured I’d use this Opinions Vary to articulate my feelings. Namely, that this summer’s blockbusters have been bereft of Goosebump Moments, and that I don’t (and shouldn’t) accept middling efforts when this very genre is capable of capstone experiences and inspirational wankery.

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My pants.

The latest acquisition for some sort of asshole with too much money are the pants that Luke Skywalker wore while he and a bunch of terrorists were running around destroying Space-Stations in A New Hope. Them fuckers didn’t go cheap, either.

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‘STAR WARS REBELS’ is new ANIMATED SERIES covering the chasm between EP.III & EP. IV

Star Wars Rebels.

I feel you if you’re worrying (you being the three or four people who actually are present) that this site has devolved into a Star Wars wankfest as of late. However, my retort? I don’t know what to tell you. The Force sculpted my nerd-spine. So when news drops thata new animated series being helmed by legitimate talent is coming down the pipeline, I have almost no choice but to stick my Chewbacca Fleshlight onto my sad Sarlacc and go to work.

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Watch: All of ‘STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’ in a one-minute animation.


God bless the participatory culture that Star Wars generates. A latest example of this wonderful community is a one-minute animation that tells A New Hope’s entire tale.

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STAR WARS is 35 Years Old. Today.

May 25, 1977.  I suspect few of us were even born yet.  Even if, like me, your first exposure was the Special Editions in ’97, or an overused VHS copy from the ’80s, it was likely a definitive and defining element of most of our childhoods.

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Strange Moments in Solid Movies: Return of the Jedi Buzzkill

Call me crazy, but I subscribe to the notion that, since its beginning, the universe has been ever-spreading and everything within its massive expansion has gone along for the ride. Following suit, every initial notion with storytelling potential tends to enlarge exponentially, growing with time and purpose into stories and, if the commercial and/or artistic drive remains resolute, these stories multiply into sequels and beyond. This especially holds true for the interstellar saga from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. After its explosive entrance into the public sphere in ‘77, the Star Wars universe took three years to develop from A New Hope into The Empire Strikes Back, wherein its archetypal characters became more complex and their dilemmas darkened as SW’s expansion followed its primary course into the emptiness of space. But then something changed: George Lucas, supreme author, came down and let there be lightness where the darkness once dominated. And this certifiable change is evident in the trilogy’s finale, Return of the Jedi.

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