Carrie-Anne Moss is joining Marvel’s ‘AKA Jessica Jones’

Carrie-Anne Moss

A couple of days ago AKA Jessica Jones added Rachael Taylor as Hellcat. Today the Netflix/Marvel collaboration has added Trinity Matrix-Pants as someone. Someone named Harper. Someone I don’t know.

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David Tennant is playing Kilgrave in Marvel’s ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones.’

David Tennant.

I know that David Tennant gets a lot of peoples’ groins greasy with tubing-leakage. So even though I don’t know him, and I don’t know the character he is playing, I’m happy for ya’ll. High-five, hugs, consensual ass slaps. Wee!

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Mike Colter cast as Marvel’s Luke Cage for Netflix series, “A.K.A. Jessica Jones.”

Mike Colter.

Pretty fucking bland headline, right? Yeah. Well. I don’t know Mike Colter. But I fucking know Luke Cage. And I love the dude. So here’s hoping the casting fucking rules, because I expect big things. Or maybe I shouldn’t. Fuck realistic expectations, though.

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