‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ E3 2016 Trailer: Awake In A New Galaxy

Fuck.Fuck.Fuck.Fuck. I need this game. Trailer straight offering nothing, and yet still straight breaking my dick. 

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‘Titanfall 2’ E3 2016 Trailer: Single-Player Campaign, New Mechs, October 28

I really fucking enjoyed Titanfall. The problem was that it was Xbox exclusive, and I didn’t have anyone to play with. Or a single-player campaign to waste my time in. The sequel is addressing both of those problems of mine.

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Leaked: Microsoft’s new Xbox One Slim, ‘Xbox One S’

‘No Man’s Sky’ E3 Gameplay Trailer: Traverse The Traverse!

Rare dropping ‘Rare Replay’ for XB1. Thirty futzing classics for $30


Remember Rare? The BattletoadsGoldeneye 007Killer InstinctRC Pro-AM company? Well, I’m not shitting you. They still exist. Not only do they still exist, but they’re bundling up a goddamn collection of their classics, and dropping them on the Xbox One. It’s a great deal if you’re looking to play some classics and you are too silly to rock an emulator.

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‘Dark Souls III’ Announce Trailer: Misery Comes In Threes

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ E3 Trailer: Overwrought Disney Philosophy Coming In 20XX

‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ E3 Gameplay Trailer: One Last Time

Sony announces ‘Call of Duty’ DLC coming to PlayStation first

Call of BRooty 38-Ops

This…This would have been like, enormous news seven years ago. Right? But I’m not sure anyone really give that much of a fuck about Call of Duty anymore. I’ll buy it with my general malaise, as I am inclined to do everywhere. But DLC, no DLC right at its release. Don’t really matter to me. How about you?

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‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ E3 Gameplay Trailer: Augmented Hegemony