‘Wolverine 3’ casts Richard E. Grant as villain scientist

Hotel Secrets

I’m not very familiar with Richard E. Grant, but he’s going to be in Wolverine 3.

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Final Trailer: You Will Snikt! Yourself

Shitty cameo puns are shitty!

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Rumor: ‘Wolverine 3’ featuring X-23, the “All-New Wolverine” from the comics


Looks like X-23 is coming to the big screen, friends. I don’t really have any intimate knowledge of the character, but I dig the idea. Especially if Jackman is bowing out. This gives a way to keep “Wolverine” in the movies, without Jackman, or recasting.

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Second ‘All-New, All-Different Marvel’ teaser got two Wolverines, Dr. Strange with an axe, and more


This teaser is even more wild than the first.

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Hugh Jackman teases ‘Wolverine 3’ as his last flick playing Logan


You’ve got to hand it to Hugh Jackman. Motherfucker has been playing Wolverine for like, what, fifteen years? So while it’s a bit of a bummer if it’s true that Wolverine 3 is going to be his last go as the character, it’s hard to not figure he has earned his superheroic freedom at this point.

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Bendis and Sorrentino reviving ‘Old Man Logan’ for ‘Secret Wars’ series

old man logan 2

Old Man Logan. Like, the last thing I enjoyed from Mark Millar. Didn’t really need any additional mythos added after its coda, but apparently we are getting a new tale anyways.

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Paul Cornell: Worrying About Superhero Deaths Is “Pretty Meaningless.”


Wolverine writer Paul Cornell is weighing in on the source of one of comics’ eternal debates. The life, death, and resurrection of Capes. According to the guy who is going to have a hand in Killing Wolverine this Autumn, we shouldn’t sweat the death and resurrection cycle. Instead we should appreciate the story. What say you?

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Marvel announces “DEATH OF WOLVERINE’ for September. Yawn.


Oh golly! Wolverine is dying in September! Hopefully…metaphorically? Wolverine storylines we need to put in the “Time Out” bin for a decade or so: Wolverine loses his healing factor, Wolverine loses his adamantium, Wolverine befriends underage girl and shows her how to live, Wolverine dies. I mean, didn’t Jason Aaron absolutely fucking dominate a Wolverine Must Die storyline like two years ago? Or so?

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Zack Roper ain’t nobody to fuck with! I don’t know that for certain, okay? So don’t test my claim by charging him lit to the tits on alcoholc, bravery, and squishy Hulk hands. But I’m fairly certain the Italian art teacher in question does rule. If these mash-ups are any indication.

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Monday Morning Commute: Don’t Forget to Mind-Wipe!

Fred's Monday Morning

Fred was certain that everything’d gone according to plan.

Sure, it was only the third time he’d been called upon to complete the procedure. But why should he worry? It was the first thing they’d taught him at the Neural Corps Academy, a matter of routine that even those struggling with the coursework could exact if necessary. And he wasn’t no goddamn wash-out, he was quick to remind himself while taking a deep whiff of the checkered material.

He was Fred DeCoup. First, a child prodigy. Then, the star student-cum-valedictorian. And at twenty-two, the youngest cadet awarded the position of Reprogrammer General .

Needless to say, Fred was more than a bit startled when the subject woke up screaming. Typically, subjects’ reentries into consciousness are marked by outward expressions of tranquility, sometimes even gratitude. But when XT-203 came to, he was writhing with hatred and spitting vitriol.

“You piece of shit! You raped me! I remember everything! Release these clamps so I can tear out your throat!”

Fred DeCoup dropped XT-203’s boxer shorts from under his nose. He froze. He knew that everything hadn’t gone according to plan, that he’d made an error of the most egregious sort.

In his perverted ecstasy, Fred had forgotten the most important rule: always run a mind-wipe.


Welcome to the Monday Morning Commute! This is the weekly call-to-arms for all aboard Spaceship OL — crew and passengers alike — to discuss the various ways we’ll combat the Boredom Bastards! Rumor has that a few of these fun-suckers’ve been spotted in the very sector we’re headed towards this week, so we need to make sure that everyone’s armed and ready to face `em!

Murder your familial responsibility with movies. Crush your manager’s halitosis with comics. Piledrive your self-doubt with pizza.

I’ll get us started, but you hafta join me in the comments section.

Let’s do this!

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