Bendis and Sorrentino reviving ‘Old Man Logan’ for ‘Secret Wars’ series

old man logan 2

Old Man Logan. Like, the last thing I enjoyed from Mark Millar. Didn’t really need any additional mythos added after its coda, but apparently we are getting a new tale anyways.


From its name on down, Marvel’s incoming “Secret Wars” event has many elements that lean on old school concepts. But for the latest series tied to the story, the publisher is taking up the word “old” in a different way.

MTV News has the word that Brian Michael Bendis and his recent X-Men and “Black Vortex” collaborator Andrea Sorrentino will revive “Old Man Logan” as part of the “Secret Wars” saga. The tale of an aging Wolverine in a post apocalyptic Marvel Universe was created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven in 2008 for a limited series of the same name.

“‘Secret Wars’ is opening doors all over the Marvel Universe, and behind one of those doors is one of the best characters of the last 10 years thanks to Mark Miller and Steve McNiven… Old Man Logan. He’s been sitting on a shelf for a very long time, and it’s time for him to come out and play,” Bendis explained.

“At the end of the original ‘Old Man Logan,’ he started a journey to change the world around him. We’re going to see just how successful he was,” the writer added. “I think this is one of Mark’s best books. I said it when it came out and I say it today. I’ve reread it a few times over the years knowing that I was going to be doing this, and I am in total awe of how much fun this book was while being completely honest and true to the spirit of Wolverine. Like ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ you can’t imagine a better look into the character’s future, a more logical look at how it all turns out, than this.”

old man logan

I’ll check this out. The character itself is enough of a draw. But I’m skeptical! At best! Which means nothing, because I am no one.