Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá reveal new project, ‘Two Brothers’

Two Brothers.

The powerhouse Brazilian Brothers behind Casanova‘s artwork and Daytripper have finally revealed their next project: Two Brothers.

Robot 6:

Brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá have finally pulled back the curtain on the follow-up to their award-winning Daytripper collaboration: Two Brothers, due in October from Dark Horse.

An adaptation of the novel The Brothers by Brazilian author Milton Hatoum, the graphic novel centers on a strained family relationship.

“It’s the story of twin brothers Yaqub and Omar, and their family of Lebanese immigrants living in the port city of Manaus, on the riverbanks of the Amazon,” the duo say on their blog. “It’s a story about identity, love, loss, deception, and the dissolution of blood ties. A strong story worth the huge challenge of adapting it.”

Moon and Bá, whose credits include Casanova and B.P.R.D., as well as their own collaborations Ursula, RocknRoll and De:Tales, have been working on Two Brothers in secrecy for four years, starting shortly after Daytripper became a hit.

I’m pretty much going to read anything these motherfuckers do, so sign me up.