Tom Hardy producing and starring in adaptation of comic ‘100 Bullets’

tom hardy!

Well, ain’t this an interesting development. I really, really fucking enjoyed 100 Bullets back in the day. And now Tom Hardy is producing and starring in an adaptation of the Azzarello/Risso jam. The comic is certainly raw as fuck, and if they swing a Hard-R I’m down for the whole shebang.

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‘The Revenant’ Teaser Trailer: DiCaprio Conquers The Wilderness (and Death)

OL’s Official ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Post-Apocalyptic Discussion Post


So, I haven’t even *seen* Mad Max: Fury Road yet, but a lot of the regulars around here have. And so I figured it would make the most sense to give you folks (and me, tonight, around 10pm!) a space to discuss the movie. In all its fucking glory, in a spoiler-filled, Thunderdome-esque genitals-rubbing cataclysmic post.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Final Trailer: Revenge is best served post-apocalyptic

Joel Kinnaman replacing Tom Hardy in ‘Suicide Squad’, aiight, okay.


Joel Kinnaman is replacing Thomas Hardy in DC’s Suicide Squad. He is playing Rick Flagg. I don’t know that character. Or Kinnaman.

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Tom Hardy leaves ‘Suicide Squad’, Jake Gyllenhaal sought to replace

New peeps

Tom Hardy to Suicide Squad: fuck ya’ll, I’m out. Warner Bros to Jake Gyllenhaal: bruh what you up to?

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DC announces ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, and more. F**king crazy~

Suicide Squad

Man. I like, I don’t know anything about DC’s Suicide Squad. But the cast for the movie has been announced and it is fucking crazy. Like, off-the-walls, babbling incoherently, vomiting gleefully on your Nana crazy. And I mean that in a good way.

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer: Rendezvous At BonerDome

Mad Max!

Here’s the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. Those who are calling it the best thing to come out of this year’s SDCC (and I assume they mean moving-pictures-wise, not comic books or anything else going on there) are probably not incorrect.

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Marvel’s ‘Dr. Strange’ wish-list includes Cumberbatch, Hardy.

Dr. Strange.

Lost awash my weekend of huffing used gym socks and playing Wolfenstein, and this week’s E3 bonanza was some more Marvel movie news. WHICH YOU WERE DYING FOR ‘CAUSE THERE HADN’T BEEN ANY IN LIKE NINE HOURS. Marvel’s wish-list for Dr. Strange has slithered out into the open, and it includes two interesting dudes.

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First Look: Tom Hardy as Mad Max in ‘FURY ROAD.’ Oh golly. Gosh.

Yeah so like, this is igniting the phat pipes of the Internet today. Tom Hardy as Mad Max. It isn’t anything special. The picture comes across as one of Hardy just trying to keep the sand out of his balls. So yeah, fantastique or something.

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