Space Swoon: Even Dione’s Craters Are Beautiful

cassini dione creusa

Cassini, doing what Cassini does. Taking beautiful pictures. Reporting back.

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Space Swoon: Cassini captures Dione’s gorgeous contrasts

Space Swoon: Saturn’s Moon Dione got them chasms

Got them chasms

Beware! Chasms upon Saturn IV, daring you to embark on your fatal, final journey.

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Cassini catches Saturn’s moon, Dione, looking gorgeous

Close-Up of Saturn’s Moon Dione Reveals Pock Marks, But She Is Still A Beautiful Bitty.

Hell of a picture right hurr, taken by Cassini. Check out a close-up of Saturn’s moon Dione, with all sorts of interesting things happening in the back ground.

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Oxygen Discovered Around Saturn’s Moon Dione. Spacegasm ++

Man, Cassini keeps paying dividends. According to a new report published in a fancy pants science thing journal, the spacecraft has detected oxygen around Dione.

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Saturn’s Moon Rhea Takes A Beautiful Picture; Dione Isn’t Shabby Either.

Enlarge. | Via.

Saturn has sixty-two moons. Jesus Christ, I’m getting envious. Captured by Cassini in this picture is two of said moons, Rhea and Dione. The image is a work of perspective porn, giving you a glimpse at Rhea’s Southern Pole, and a Dione that appears to be balancing on Saturn’s rings.

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