Saturn’s Moon Rhea Takes A Beautiful Picture; Dione Isn’t Shabby Either.

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Saturn has sixty-two moons. Jesus Christ, I’m getting envious. Captured by Cassini in this picture is two of said moons, Rhea and Dione. The image is a work of perspective porn, giving you a glimpse at Rhea’s Southern Pole, and a Dione that appears to be balancing on Saturn’s rings.

Phil Plait Elaborates:

Rhea is only a little bigger than Dione, but is a  lot closer in this shot: 61,000 km versus 924,000 for Dione! That’s why Dione looks so much smaller. As seen by Cassini in this shot, it’s actually more than twice as far as our Moon is from the Earth. Both moons are composed of mostly water ice, with some rock. Both have been heavily battered by impacts, as you can see.

It’s a damn gorgeous picture by Cassini.