Close-Up of Saturn’s Moon Dione Reveals Pock Marks, But She Is Still A Beautiful Bitty.

Hell of a picture right hurr, taken by Cassini. Check out a close-up of Saturn’s moon Dione, with all sorts of interesting things happening in the back ground.


What’s that past Dione? When making its closest pass yet of Saturn’s moon  Dione  late last year, the robotic Cassini spacecraft snapped this far-ranging picture featuring Dione, Saturn’s rings, and the two small moons  Epimetheus  and  Prometheus. The  above image  captures part of the heavily cratered snow-white surface of the 1,100 kilometer wide  Dione, the thinness of Saturn’s rings, and the  comparative darkness  of the smaller moon  Epimetheus. The image was taken when Cassini was only about 100,000 kilometers from the  large icy moon. Future events in Cassini’s  continuing exploration  of Saturn and its moons include tomorrow’s  flyby of Titan  and imaging the  distant Earth  passing behind Saturn in June.

Cool picture, bro!