Study suggests Methane Plumes on Saturn’s moon Enceladus could be sign of alien life!

scientists life saturn moon

Are the methane plumes on Saturn’s moon Enceladus indicative of alien life? Maybe! And that’s enough to get my tits stiffening. Am I overreacting? Sure, maybe. Who knows. But. Listen, I’m fucking in on all potential signs of alien life. Microbes, methane plumes, whatever the fuck.

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NASA finds evidence of “fresh ice” on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus! God bless the Snowball Moon!

nasa evidence fresh ice enceladus

NASA has found evidence of fresh ice on Enceladus, friends! And, you fucking guessed it, this could be good news for the potential for life on the moon.

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Saturn’s moon Titan is drifting away quicker than expected. Bro, don’t go!

saturn moon titan drifting quicker

Saturn’s moon Titan is getting the fuck out of here, friends. We knew it was drifting away from Saturn, but scientists have found the fucker leaving 100 times faster than previously thought.

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Saturn’s upper atmosphere may be so damn hot thanks to auroras in its north and south poles!

auroras saturn hot upper atmosphere

So, I didn’t know that Saturn’s upper atmosphere was inexplicably hot. But, now I do! And thanks to science, I know why that may be the case. Auroras!

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Confirmed: Jupiter’s moon Europa has water geysers. Fucking WATER GEYSERS, friends!

europa water geysers

Oh, hell yeah. Jupiter’s moon Europa? That motherfucker? It’s got actual water geysers. Confirmed. It had been suspected, but now we know. And, fuck, let’s get out there ASAP.

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Astronomers discover 20 new moons around Saturn. Jupiter ain’t got shit on Saturn now!

saturn 20 moons

Take that, Jupiter. You big gaseous fuck! You’re n longer the leader in number of satellites. Nope, that belongs to Saturn now who has 20 newly discovered moons!

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NASA chooses Saturn’s moon Titan as its next destination. Gimme a cosmic hell yeah, comrades!

nasa saturn moon titan

Oh fuck yeah, fellas! NASA is going to Saturn’s moon Titan. It ain’t exactly a settlement on Mars, but, fuck it, I’ll take it.

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Saturn’s moon Titan has lakes that behave like Earth’s, which is as cool as it sounds

saturn titan lake cycle

Yo! So, I didn’t know it was rare for other bodies in the solar system to have hydrological cycles. Like, so fucking rare that apparently these lakes on Titan are the first ones we’ve found to have them, outside of Earth.

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Saturn’s rings formed in a violent event less than 100 million years ago, which is sort of gnarly

saturn rings 100 million years ago

How long has Saturn had its rings? Not as long as we fucking thought, apparently. AstronomerWizards have concluded they originated from a violent event, somewhere between 10 and 100 million years ago.

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Space Swoon: Cassini captures gorgeous look at Saturn’s moon, Dione

nasa cassini dione

The amount of dope pictures sent back by Cassini is fucking preposterous, my dudes.

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