DC Announces Multiple ‘Before Watchmen’ Comic Series. Finishes Taking Crap On Legendary Comic.

DC has announced their shameless pillaging of one of the finest stories ever told today with the unveiling of Before Watchmen. Pretty disgusting stuff, but fuck it shouldn’t be surprising.

Hit the jump for details and artwork.

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Comics We’re Buying This F**king Week: Massive Wood and Brubaker’s College Fund.

Welcome to the newly minted (and perhaps not staying named as such)  Comics We’re Buying This F**king Week. Figured I’d cut the bullshit. Herein us guys and gals of the sequential funny book time can share the comic books we’re digging on in a given week. It’s a pretty exciting week, as I’m getting a new dose of Wood to engulf. Always a sucker for the Wood. (And infantile puns. It’s been a long day, forgive me.)

Dig the releases for yourself at ComicList.

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New ‘Avengers’ Pics Bring Writhing Bulges and Posturing.

There’s  a cavalcade of new pictures from Avengers courtesy of Empire.

Hit the jump for them.

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Matt Fraction To Debut New Creator Owned Title? Gods Please Be True.

Spending Friday evening on Twitter like a true Beast of Dorkey and I came across this Matt Fraction tweet. I’m hoping  he’s serious, since Casanova makes my tits hard like nobody’s business. Who knows though? Dude is generally hilarious and off-the-cuff. Could be a total feint. Fraction is one of my favorite writers, and if I got to see him open up that unique mind of his across another self-generated universe in addition to Casa it would be too good to be true.

Fox Affiliate Condemns DC Comics Relaunch Over Sex, Violence. Where You Folks Been?

A Fox affiliate has come out swinging over the totally tit-sational blood bath universe of DC comic books after its relaunch or something. Well uh, what the fuck. This has been a problem in comic books for….ever. Forever.

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DC Officially Unveils ‘Secret Identity’ Logos. Still Awful.

DC has officially unveiled the “Secret Identity” logos that were leaked earlier this week courtesy of trademark filings. Oh! Now it all makes sense. The logo is “peeling away” to reveal the character’s identity and..and..vomit.

Hit the jump to behold them.

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Variant Covers: Ignite The Brandon Graham 2K12 Mindwarp!

Variant Covers. This is the venue for me to wank to the comic books dropping in a particular week that I’m interested in. It’s generally capes heavy, because when I was younger I myself was heavy. As always, you folk are encouraged to share the shit you’re checking out this week. Peep the deets at ComicsList. It’s show and tell without the creepy Uncle and lollipops. Bummer about the lollipops, agreed.

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Marvel’s President And Publisher Is F**King Sick Of Industry Death Sentences.

Hey, I’ll have whatever Dan Buckley is drinking. Or reading. Or meditating upon. Marvel’s president and publisher is pretty fucking tired of us goons and bozos proclaiming the end of the comics industry.

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DC Comics Droppin’ New Logos, Applies For Trademark. Hint: They’re Ugly.

DC! You’re always changing man. You just dropped a new logo like seven years ago, and now you’re already filing for a new one? And it’s way ugly? Settle down, I hardly know you these days.

Hit the jump to peep the logos.

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Rob Liefeld Taking Over Three DC Comics Titles In May. LOLWUTNO.

Rob Liefeld, resident genius and adolescent reflection of the warping effects of living within a hyperreality is expanding. His blight is moving. Spreading. The contagion has not  been contained.

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