DC Comics Droppin’ New Logos, Applies For Trademark. Hint: They’re Ugly.

DC! You’re always changing man. You just dropped a new logo like seven years ago, and now you’re already filing for a new one? And it’s way ugly? Settle down, I hardly know you these days.

Hit the jump to peep the logos.

Comics Alliance:

It’s been a pretty crazy past few months for DC Entertainment/DC Comics,  what with the relaunch of its entire line of superhero comics and all, but the most scrutinized shift of all may still be upon us! As pointed out by  The Beat,  new DC logos are kickin’ it on the  United States Patent and Trademark Office site. DC hasn’t announced any plans for the sticker-looking logos just yet, so it’s hard to know when and if they’ll be popping up on comic book covers or in the credits for summer blockbusters like  The Dark Knight Rises  and the like. If you do the social media thing, you’re probably wading through the same snarky comments from design folks that we are, but  Let’s Be Friends Again  co-creator/CA contributor Chris Haley has a more optimistic outlook  (if DC’s willing to make some color modifications). What do you think? Infinite Logo Crisis or moderately ap-PEAL-ing? Sound off in the comments.