‘Fallout 4′ Launch Trailer: Oh Come All Ye Wastelanders

‘Fallout 4′ features Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman!), who also provided five original songs


Wut? Wonder Woman is a blues and jazz singer? #TheMoreYouKnow about Lynda Carter! She is all up in Fallout 4, and she ain’t just voicing a character. The talented legend is also providing original song for the futzing game (of the year).

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‘Fallout 4′ debuted by Bethesda to celebrate game’s release

Fallout beer!

Fallout 4 is close, man. Like, really close. I know it. You know it. Bethesda knows it too, and they’re releasing a fucking brew to commemorate the release.

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‘Fallout 4′ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!

‘Fallout 4′ Behind The Scenes Trailer: Hanging Out With Dogmeat

‘Fallout 4′ script is bigger than ‘Fallout 3′ and ‘Skyrim’ scripts combined

Fallout 4.

Goddamn! This is exactly the sort of news I cannot handle. I cannot handle this news because it makes me sweat Fallout 4 so hard. I cannot handle this news because it surely cements the Death of my (Non-Existent) Social Life come this November.

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‘Fallout Monopoly’ is a real, official thing. Dropping in November.

Fallout 4 Monopoly

Fallout 4 ain’t the only wonderful, Fallout-based product dropping in November. No, no. Bethesda has also announced that there will be a Fallout-themed edition of Monopoly hitting the shelves.

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‘Fallout 4′ Factoids: No level cap, can keep playing after story ends

Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is going to ruin my life. And I cannot wait.

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‘Fallout Anthology’ is the entire series packaged in a nuclear bomb

Fallout Anthology

I cannot afford this (fuck buying a house), I would not play half these titles (fuck my attention span), but I still want to buy this delicious collection of post-apocalyptic.

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Bethesda letting fan pay for ‘Fallout 4′ with bottle caps. 2,200 bottle caps.


Good Guy Bethesda letting a fan buy Fallout 4 with bottle caps. Good Guy Bethesda generating some positive buzz for themselves. Not like they need it. Everyone is slushy-groined over Fallout 4 (or GTFO). But why not capitalize on the good will and keep it going? However, may I suggest an additional means of generating good will? Let me pre-order the fucking Pip-Boy edition of the game for PS4! Fuck! Shit! Ass!

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