‘Dishonored 2′ dropping November 11, 2016

. dishonored 2.

Dishonored was a sneaky good game, one that I enjoyed and I’ve sort of forgotten about since. With Mass Effect 4 getting pushed back out of this year, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to play this early Winter. Sure, there’s Infinite Warfare, and (maybe) FF XV in September. But what else? Why, now I have an answer! Dishonored!

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‘DOOM’ Cinematic Trailer: Heaven Is Hell On Mars For Space Marines

‘Fallout 4′ Official Mod Tools coming in April to PC, XB1 in May, PS4 in June

‘Fallout 4′ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!

Fallout 4‘s official mod tools have been in the works for a bit now. The lack of official support hasn’t stopped PC users from providing their own wonderful mods, but slime-race, console dickheads like myself have been made to suffer.

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‘Fallout 4′ DLC Revealed: Build Robots, Cage Deathclaws, Hit The Harbor

Fallout 4

*Insert the most uproarious Yes! gif*

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‘DOOM’ Campaign Trailer: Game drops May 13!

Watch: Macho Man x ‘Fallout 4′ = Macho Claws, a Deathclaw’s superior

Watch: How ‘Fallout 4′ produces those gorgeous Mushroom Clouds

Fallout 4‘s graphics on the consoles…aren’t that great. But one of the more appealing aspects to the game’s visual presentation is its gorgeous mushroom clouds. Just how did Bethesda pull them off? The above video will fucking tell you! Read the rest of this entry »

‘Fallout 4′ Launch Trailer: Oh Come All Ye Wastelanders

‘Fallout 4′ features Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman!), who also provided five original songs


Wut? Wonder Woman is a blues and jazz singer? #TheMoreYouKnow about Lynda Carter! She is all up in Fallout 4, and she ain’t just voicing a character. The talented legend is also providing original song for the futzing game (of the year).

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‘Fallout 4′ debuted by Bethesda to celebrate game’s release

Fallout beer!

Fallout 4 is close, man. Like, really close. I know it. You know it. Bethesda knows it too, and they’re releasing a fucking brew to commemorate the release.

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