Bethesda: Sony policies forced us to cancel ‘Fallout 4’ and ‘Skyrim: Remastered’ Mods

‘Fallout 4′ Live-Action Trailer: Welcome Home!

What the fuck, Sony.

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‘Quake Champions’ Gameplay Trailer: Rocket Jump Once More

‘Prey’ Gameplay Trailer: I Can’t See It…But It Sees Me

Fuck, I want me some Prey. If this trailer is any indication, the title is pitching right into my wheelhouse of geek interests. Monsters? Check. Deserted Space Station? Check. Thin walls behind reality and non-reality? Check. Fuck, I need me some Prey.

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Wracked in the Wasteland Part 3: Cleansing the Commonwealth


It hit me after I died for the 4th time to Super Mutants during one quest.  There is no way this character could align with anyone but the Brotherhood of Steel.  It just didn’t make sense.  Sure, they are xenophobes.  Sure, they are warmongers. However, this wasteland is so brutal and so unforgiving on Survival mode. I realized that someone who really went through this much struggle and hardship to find their child, they would not accept the synths. USURPERS really.
The Railroad does nothing to address Super Mutants. The Institute is actively trying to replace the human race! The Minutemen are good natured, but they aren’t willing to go the extra mile to do what is necessary.

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Bethesda teased ‘Wolfenstein: New Colossus’ in their E3 2016 Intro

New Colossus.

When Bethesda quickly ran through a DOS prompt in their E3 presser introduction, I was like. Fuck. That was fast. Probably something in there that’s being teased. An egg from Easter, if you will. Well, turns out. I was right! Now, I didn’t figure it out myself. I’m right, not talented, or dedicated. Funny how you can have the former, without the two latter sometimes. But anyways! Yeah. A new Wolfenstein.

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‘Prey’ E3 2016 Trailer: I Live, I Die, I Live Again

Confirmed: ‘Skyrim’ Remastered coming to PS4 and XB1 this Fall

‘DOOM’ Launch Trailer: Heavy Metal Demon Destruction

Lost in the shuffle of Uncharted 4‘s final arrival is the fact that there’s a goddamn DOOM game dropping this week. Oh me? This guy? Going to have to pass on it. You know, given Uncharted 4. But I’m eagerly anticipating the game’s reviews, cause if it turns out good I’m definitely grabbing it down the road.

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‘Dishonored 2’ dropping November 11, 2016

. dishonored 2.

Dishonored was a sneaky good game, one that I enjoyed and I’ve sort of forgotten about since. With Mass Effect 4 getting pushed back out of this year, I’ve been wondering what I’m going to play this early Winter. Sure, there’s Infinite Warfare, and (maybe) FF XV in September. But what else? Why, now I have an answer! Dishonored!

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‘DOOM’ Cinematic Trailer: Heaven Is Hell On Mars For Space Marines