Space Swoon: This image of Jupiter taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft is goddamn gorgeous

nasa juno spacecraft jupiter

Space, is in fact, the motherfucking place.

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The Kepler Space Telescope is dead. Long live the fucking Kepler Space Telescope!

kepler space telescope dead

Folks, the Kepler Space Telescope is dead. However, it shall not be forgotten by any means. The telescope is responsible for finding, conservatively, a fuck-ton of exoplanets. Therefore, we must remember it always. Dead, but alive forever.

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The Mars Curiosity Rover is operational again, baby! Ain’t got time to die!

mars curiosity rover operational

Curiosity is back up and running, motherfuckers! Granted, its limited in its operations. But that’s better than nothing, no?

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Jupiter’s moon Europa got five-story spikes of ice. Sounds dope, makes landing on the moon a pain in the ass

jupiter moon europa frozen spikes

Space is fucking metal, my dudes. Jupiter’s moon Europa has got five-story spikes of ice! This sounds fucking dope! However, it makes the prospect of landing on Europa decidedly more difficult.

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Astronomers may have found the first “exomoon” which is rad as it fucking sounds

space exomoon

I sort of thought that we had just found exomoons already. However, we hadn’t! At least not until now. That’s right, fuckers. Astronomers may have found the first exomoon.

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NASA plans to send humans back to Moon’s surface in little over a decade. Fuck yes!

nasa back to moon 2024

We going back to the Moon, baby! Right back to its surface! Provided, you know, the Collapse doesn’t occur between now and 2024. Be optimistic! I’ll try!

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Space Swoon: Liquid water on Mars found in underground aquifer according to scientists

mars liquid water underground

Oh fuck. Is this it? Have scientists really found liquid water on Mars? Well, they certainly fucking think so.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter has gained another twelve fucking moons thanks to recent findings

jupiter twelve moons discovered

Jupiter, that Big fucking Bastard Gas Giant, has gained another twelve fucking moons.

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Space Swoon: Behold Jupiter’s glorious southern hemisphere!

jupiter nasa southern hemisphere kevin m gill

Check out Jupiter’s meaty southern hemisphere! I don’t know, there’s probably a better, more puerile pun, but it’s hot out and I’m tired.

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Space Swoon: Jupiter’s gorgeously chaotic clouds captured by Juno

jupiter chaotic clouds juno

Juno out there, doing work. Capturing gorgeous images of Jupiter. This time, it’s of the planet’s gorgeously chaotic clouds.

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