The Moon Is Way Older Than Thought; Up To 140 Million Years Older

the moon older than thought

The uh, the Moon is way, way, way older than we thought. Hey! Fuck! Don’t blame me. I’m just a slob who posts banality and stares at asses all day long. Blame one of the SpaceWizards.

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Space Swoon: Cassini Captures Saturn’s “Death Star” Moon

cassini saturn moon death star

Man! I knew it. The fucking Illuminati out there, building Death Stars and shit. Oh sure you can tell me this is a picture of a “moon”, but I really call it “prepping for disclosure” because I ain’t no sucker.

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Space Swoon: The Earth And Moon As Seen From Mars

the earth and moon from mars

Want some perspective? Here is the Earth and Moon, as seen from Mars.

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NASA Launching Spacecraft In 2020s To Study Jupiter’s Asteroids And Another Made Of Metal

nasa jupiter spacecraft 2020s asteroid

NASA is aiming to do some dope shit in the 2020s. Expecting to launch spacecraft to study Jupiter’s asteroids, and also another one made of metal. Sounds dope! I’m, uh, just not optimistic about us/them making it until then.

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Astronomers Have Photographed A Rare Double Ring Galaxy

double ring galaxy

Fuck! Looks like today’s posts are all about space. How is this, how is this for your astronomical-prostate? Astronomers have spotted a double ring galaxy. Yeah, it’s rad, right? Yeah, it’s rubbing right up against the space-gland, innit?

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Space Swoon: Mars Has Craters With Glorious Hues

martian crater hues

Mars got itself some gorgeous craters, with some gorgeous hued slopes.

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Space Swoon: Hubble Captures A Cosmic Megamaser

hubble captures cosmic megamaser

Well, I saw goddamn. I already thought that space was bad ass. But apparently there are structures out there called “megamasers”?! Tremendous.

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Space Swoon: Sunlight Upon Saturn’s North Pole

saturn north pole cassini

Man, Saturn is decently away from the Sun. Like, you know.¬†888.2 million miles. But that doesn’t mean sunlight can’t illuminate its north¬†pole.

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Space Swoon: Solar Winds Upon The Northern Lights In Canada


The Sun was straight celebrating the end of the year, too. Sending some energetic particles to smash into the Northern Lights in Canada.

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A Star Is Going To Graze Our Solar System In A Million Years

star graze our solar system million years

Hey, in about a million years a star is going to graze our solar system. I hope whatever is existing on this Rotting Marble gets to appreciate how cool that is, given that we as a species have, what. Thirty years left, tops?

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