New ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ Empire Magazine Covers Show Off The Heroes and Villains

goodies & baddies

Couple of covers from the new Empire magazine are sporting the heroes and villains from Guardians of the Galaxy. What the fuck else do I need to say? Check them out! Or don’t!

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ poster is all, irreverent and s**t

true brajs

YeahIknoweveryoneandtheirmom has already seen this poster, okay? Kiss my ass and write my lesson plans for me if you’re going to bring that critique hammer down on my squash! Still, it’s gnarly as fuck and frankly I want to wank off to it with you folks.

Hit the jump to see it (again)!

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First ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ movie promo image is like A MOTLEY SPACE CREW.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

I say goddamn yeah! The first promo image for Guardians of the Galaxy has dropped. It features the ragtag gang of space fuckers all lined up. Probably being busted for drinking too much and letting Rocket pull his furry balls out in some intergalactic cantina.

Hit the jump to peep it.

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Well THANEWS is that Vin Diesel isn’t playing THANOS. Ha! It almost rhymes. Eh whatever. Vinny D’s role in the Marvel Movie Universe has seemingly been revealed, and the good sir is going to be providing voice work for a character I know nothing about.

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ZOE SALDANA to play Gamora in ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.’ Coolcoolcool.

Zoe Saldana.

I don’t know much about Gamora or Guardians of the Galaxy, but I sure do love me some Zoe Saldana. With that established, I would like to welcome this news with open arms. Come over to the Marvel Movie Universe, Ms. Saldana. Let us hang out for a bit. I’ve brought lemon squares and iced tea.

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