Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (7.32.14) Reconstructionist Theory


Wednesday’s get me pumped folks, how about you?  I love the idea of new stories waiting out there for me, or continuations of old, beloved ones.  Though my heart is in San Diego right now, bouncing through the unwashed, cosplaying masses at Comic-Con, I can bring it back with a simple trip to the local comic shop, where these stories await my searching eyes and careful fingers.  So step inside and let’s talk about what’s in store for us, which includes the reinstallation of reality, robot janitors, homeless teens, rad future-Avengers, Bat-birthdays, and a healthy dosage of Warren Ellis!

A full list of this week’s releases can be found HERE.

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Monday Morning Commute: Spring Sprang Sprung


Hello friends! Bad news. I lied, last week. I lied to your face, while sipping Diet Dew through a Twizzler. That’s how much I didn’t respect you. I said that Rendar would be back today, to guide us through Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the savory and scintillating things that are helping us get through the work week. Arts, farts, foods, and fascinations. But Rendar ain’t  back. Not yet. You’re stuck with me, Caff-Pow. Not even a healthy one, neither. I got phlegm-lungs like you wouldn’t believe. Whatever! We’re all just going to have to make due!

This is what’s on my mind this week.

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Monday Morning Commute: So Happy Together


So it appears that Rendar didn’t do MMC this week! It’s okay. I love him. Bro-Love. Born out of a mutually shared origin story plucked from the depths of our Dad’s testicles. Grown deep in our Mom’s womb. Fostered by a shared diet of Soda, Video Games, Comic Books, and Rust In Peace listenings. This is a lightning warfare edition of MMC – typed (more) frantically (than usual) in-between duties on campus. ICYDK: This is the column where we share what we’re digging during a given week. Let’s dance.

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Sexy Green Thighs! She-Hulk and Zero Join Marvel vs Capcom 3 [Videos Inside!]

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is going to be the perfect bonerstorm of fan service. Between the Capcom characters, and the Marvel characters, and the idea of staring at She-Hulk’s seemingly endless taut green buns, how are we going to fucking function? Insane!

Today brought us the reveals of She-Hulk and Zero. Goddamn, I need this game. So I can get schooled by a pack of douchebags who will assuredly make me hit myself.

Hit the Jump!, for the reveal videos.

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