Views From The Space-Ship: Her Name Is Lucy Omega

Lucy Omega.

Welcome, comrades. Welcome to another edition of View From The Space-Ship. The column where I collate (usually, just egregiously embedding from my instagram) the various views of the world I’ve shared in a given week. I’m a giver, but I also like to receive, though. Oh do I like to receive! So if you’re inclined, share your own world in the comments section. This week? This week it’s pretty much ALL PUPPY all the TIME. Sam Omega and I have spent a week housebreaking her, worshipping her, petting her, and generally sleeping very little and worrying very much. Her name is Lucy Omega. Also known as SheWolf. Also known as SnowBeast.

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No s**t: Daniel Bruhl playing Baron Zemo in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Daniel Bruhl

When Daniel Bruhl was cast pretty much everyone thought he would be playing Baron Zemo. Now it’s confirmed. Did that shake the hairs off your tits? Are you still standing? Yeah, me too.

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Amazon rolls out KINDLE COMIC CREATOR. Make them funnies into Kindle books.

Kindle Comic Creator.

Another avenue has opened up for independent funny book mind-makers. (What?) Kindle has rolled out their Comic Creator, which allows people to convert their comic books into Kindle-format electronic somethings. Like all things given to us by The Man, you have to share a bit of the profit. But it’s got to be good for getting your name out there, I assume?

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Sony registers ‘PLAYSTATION CLOUD’ domains. Errbudy going intangible.

PlayStation Cloud.

Last week, the WSJ reported that the PlayOrbis4 was going to feature a game-streaming feature. It made a lot of sense to me. Now there are reports that Sony has registered a slew of PlayStation Cloud domains, which can only mean one thing. Banana milkshakes. Trust me, it means just that.

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Monday Morning Commute: Ice Giants Upon the Pond

Hello friends. Nuzzle your bunghole close to the center of your leather seat here aboard the Mothership, and grab a beverage. This here is Monday Morning Commute, the therapy session where we all discuss the various arts, crafts, beverages, and bloat-inducing burgers that are helping us through this thing called Existence. Oh me? I’m just wallowing away here on break from work. My days have slide into nights, vampire weekends into a vampire existence. I’ve broken the noon wake-up call a couple of times, and my self-loathing is spiking. You’re all beautiful.

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