Yahoo diving into ORIGINAL TV PROGRAMMING. ERRBUDDY wants original content.


Everybody, everybody, everybody with original content! Remember when companies started circumventing the cable behemoths? Started producing their own content? It seemed wonderful. Free from constraints! Cut the cords! Valhalla! Now I’m all like “Jesus Christ, what TV Show is on What Streaming Service, again?” I’m lazy, and this splintering is cutting into my attention-deprived psyche. But lord fucking knows, if it’s good, I’ll trot that way anyways.

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YAHOO buys TUMBLR for $1 BILLI in cash. Turn out the lights or something.

Tumblr is goneee or something.

Yahoo is the latest mega-corporation to try and buy their way to coolness. Their acquisition of Tumblr is super-hyper redolent (wrong word) of Facebook buying Instagram. The general populace blase about your existence? Snap up a hot particle and hope that the demographic using it doesn’t notice. I’m not particularly concerned with the occurrence. What I am concerned about is the reaction of all of those Tumblrs out there I follow with great interest. Should they ditch the service in light of the purchase, my Tumblr feed will become yet another parking lot on the info-superhighway. And then where will I go for booty, gaming, more naked pictures, art, comic books, odd fashion I don’t understand, and more ass pictures? Eh?

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Yahoo Sues FACEBOOK For Patent Infringement. Good Luck With that!

Living in a post-legal world where it’s not about adhering to the law but rather being Titanic and Rich, this is a bit amusing. Yahoo has decided to sue the Leviathan. May the Gods smile upon you.

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