Jodie Foster in talks to join FX’s ‘Y: The Last Man’ in starring role. This shit feels more and more real

y the last man jodie foster

A good portion of me is refusing to believe that this Y: The Last Man adaptation is going to happen. That said, fucking news like this is challenging that portion more and more.

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‘Y: The Last Man’ pilot ordered by FX, and it’s stacked with talent behind the scenes

y the last man pilot fx

Motherfucking Y: The Last Man finally has been ordered to pilot. Fucking great news, right? And if that enough, there’s some serious talent bringing the adaptation to life.

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Elijah Wood wants to star in that ‘Y: The Last Man’ adaptation that’s been coming forever

elijah wood y the last man adaptation

Elijah Wood is down to star in that adaptation of Y: The Last Man that’s been in development forever. Forever. Forever! Hey man, I’m down with that casting.

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‘Y: The Last Man’ TV Adaptation Adds ‘Logan’ Writer As Its Showrunner

y: the last man tv adaptation logan showrunner

Oh dip! I completely forgot that Y: The Last Man is getting a TV adaptation! But it is! And now the show has added the writer of Logan as its showrunner. All of a sudden I’m even more interested in Logan being a good movie.

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‘Y: The Last Man’ TV adaptation heading to FX

Before there was Saga, Brian K. Vaughan was most known for the fantastic Y: The Last Man. And while adaptations (both film, and television) have been kicked around, it appears that it’s finally happening! Really happening!

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‘Y: THE LAST MAN’ movie lives! New Line meeting with directors.

While Brian K. Vaughan spends these days dominating on Saga with Fiona Staples, homeboy first got noticed for his series Y: The Last Man. The comic has been in movie development hell for a while now, but things seem to be picking up around the yard. People are quietly murmuring, pulling up their pants. Getting on with their business.

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Monday Morning Commute: Dead Hero, Dead Men, Lively Coffee

Those two fiendish goblins Boredom and Apathy are running amok, hoping to infiltrate the brain-bone of any unsuspecting humanoid. In the current system, the one that drags us down and demands we work far too long for far too little of a reward, they are highly successful. After all, Bordeom and Apathy sit outside of offices and follow workers home, striking just as TV-dinners are microwaved. But there is a refuge, a small oasis in the desert of the modern condition. And you know what?

You’ve arrived.

Welcome, my babies, to the Monday Morning Commute. This is the place where we share our ideas about the upcoming week. Here, we stave off malaise and depression and lack of enthusiasm! Join me!


Mourning / Irvin Kershner

Irvin Kerschner is dead. You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, the last director to helm an amazing Star Wars flick is no longer a passenger on Spaceship Earth. The Empire Strikes Back isn’t just a credible sequel or a fantastic piece of science fiction, it’s one of the most affective stories I’ve ever experienced.

What makes the movie magical isn’t the mind-blowing special effects or the incredible battles – although they are appreciated – it’s the abundance of relatable elements of humanity. Friends are torn apart. Lovers seek passionate infernos, only to have complications extinguish the embers. An individual pushes himself to the limits of his capabilities, only to undermine his progress by leaving early. Hell, there’s even a suave black dude with a cape.

I have no doubt in my mind that without Irvin Kershner, The Empire Strikes Back would not be the masterpiece we know it as today. Hopefully he’s chilling in Heaven blue-ghost style, chatting it up with Richard Marquand. Hell, maybe they’ll even take it upon themselves to haunt Lucas on Christmas Eve, showing him the error of his ways.

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