Xbox head Phil Spencer teases xCloud streaming stick. Microsoft fucking gets the future, dudes.

xbox xcloud streaming stick

The head of Xbox is teasing an XCloud streaming stick, not unlike an Amazon Fire stick. This strikes me deeply, deeply as the future of gaming. Streamed to any device, free from physical hardware limitations. As a Sony fanboy, I really wonder what the fuck the company is up to, while Microsoft is making moves like this.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will add xCloud Streaming in September for no extra fee. This is fucking colossal, dudes.

xbox gamepass xcloud launch september

Man, Microsoft is not fucking around. They’re adding xCloud Streaming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September for no extra fee. What does this mean? The company is essentially offering hundreds of Xbox titles to be played, like, anywhere. For fucking $15 a month.

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Microsoft’s next Xbox console will also have a cloud-only version

microsoft new xbox cloud only version

Microsoft’s working on a new XBOX. This much is obvious, is known. However, what’s interesting is that the company is working on a cloud-only iteration of the console that’ll only stream games. Sounds wild, I ain’t interested, though. Give me a nice physical, beefy console. How about you?

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