‘Xbox Design Lab’ E3 2015 Trailer: Design Your *Own* XB1 Controller

Even if I never take advantage of this opportunity, I find it incredibly cool that people can design their own XB1 controllers.

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Rumor: Next PlayStation and Xbox will be Backwards Compatible


I was already going to begrudgingly buy a PlayStation 4.5/PlayStation Neo/whatever you want to call it. But being a complete sucker, I’ll totally buy it, if Sony includes backwards compatibility in the motherfucker. Please! Sony! Please!

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Microsoft’s Xbox Chief teases console hardware upgrades for XB1

‘Quantum Break’ Live-Action Trailer: Time Is Power

Man. I really want to play Remedy’s new game, Quantum Break. Man. I really don’t want to watch Remedy’s new game, Quatum Break (In The Gameplay, Geddit?). You?

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Uh: Microsoft sold just *99* Xbox Ones in Japan last week


We’ve always known that Microsoft *cannot* fucking move Xboxes in Japan. But have we really appreciated how fucking dire the situation is, really? I mean, I certainly didn’t.

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