Cosplay: PIXIE from ‘X-MEN’ is a dusting of glory


Here’s Katherine Zan just utterly crushing it as Pixie from the X-Men. The full picture is beyond the cut.

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Cosplay: X-Men’s Rogue got that deadly kiss

Rogue's Fatal Kiss

Yeah, don’t let Rogue’s lovely eyes and demeanor trick you. That kiss is going to kill your ass at worst, and at best syphon your fledgling mutant powers. Still though. Tempting.

Cosplay: THIS PSYLOCKE will probably BREAK YOUR GENITALS with sexiness.


There are few words my pig-faced monkey-man brain can utter that would fairly capture how much I’m in love with this cosplay. Just. Yes.

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Cosplay: MYSTIQUE from the ‘X-MEN’ got that old school class.

Old school Mystique swagger dagger.

Digging on this old school (or is it new school? I haven’t kept up with her wardrobe changes as of late) Mystique cosplay. It hearkens back to a time when I gave a fuck about the mutant cause. Apathy! Apathy everywhere.

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Cosplay: ROGUE from the X-MEN ignites my full-body suit fetish.


This is all the wonder. Rogue rocking out in a full-body suit, daring my latex fetish to subvert my already feeble consciousness. If I let the drive win, I’ll wake up wearing a Gambit costume. Covered in indistinct hairs. Screaming for the whip.

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Cosplay: Storm from the X-Men is rocking RULE 63.

Cosplay: FEMALE CYCLOPS Is X-Tremely Sexy. Crap Puns++

Don’t usually vomit up two cosplay posts in one day, but I had to post thisI had to post this.

Cosplay: X-FORCE…Assembled! Sadly With Little Blood.

Oh shit! It’s the X-Force! All ready to decapitate your ass and dance in your blood! Don’t look now though, ’cause it seems Beast is totally waking up and probably has nougats of crap still dingleberrying out of his boxers. Photographed by the prolific as fuck    LJinto.

Cosplay: COLOSSUS Body Paint Makes Kitty Pryde…Feel Things.

I’m not saying its cheating to have ripped abdominal muscles when you’re literally made out of fucking metal, I’m just saying that Colossus needs to get over himself.

Cosplay: Rogue From The X-Men Is Leeching The Strength From My Knees. GET IT?!


Oh Sweet Baby Jesus in Heaven, praise you. Praise you for this wonderful monument to the glory of spandex, the female form, and the X-Men. There are fewer testaments to your will and grace that I can think of, though I should mention I’m having a hard time thinking straight at all right now.