‘X-Files’ Teaser Trailer: Ya’ll Ready For This?!

The Lone Gunmen are returning to the ‘X-Files’


Like, no snark. The X-Files killing off The Lone Gunmen was one of the lamest things that happened in a dreadfully lame final season. So bringing them back for the reboot is fist-pump worthy for this guy. How are they Not Dead? Who fucking cares. Seriously.

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Kumail Nanjiani has a guest starring role on ‘X-Files’ reboot

Kumail Nanjiani in X-Files.

You know. Like, two weeks ago I wouldn’t have cared about Kumail Nanjiani guest starring in the X-Files reboot. Or more accurately, I wouldn’t have known the dude. But a week of binging Silicon Valley later, I’m excited.

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